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A majority of customers are so wonderstruck or bothered by the volume or products that are available online that they just don't know what to look for, which is why the right kind of shopping cart design can make a positive difference.

What do customers typically do when they shop online? Here are some examples:

  • They browse through a series of products, not sure what to pick because specifications are not clear or price tag is not legible.
  • They search for price updates, product reviews and thumbnail sizes.
  • They try to click and find magnified designs.
  • They get bowled over by an attractive product but when they click or try to add to the cart, there are errors so they move off to another site.

Stay Away From Pushy Shopping Cart Designs

A good shopping cart design is meant to accomplish three functions. They are:

  • Persuade a customer to shop from your site.
  • Request to add something to the cart.
  • Ask the customers to proceed with the checkout.

This smooth transition does not always take place. Some worst case scenarios that do happen are:

  • They do not provide enough room for customers to think and evaluate their buying decision.
  • A product selection is automatically followed by a page that tries to capture the billing details.
  • When a customer is directed to an unexpected page, he/she feels tricked and immediately hits the exit button.

Flexibility is important to your shopping cart design so that customers feel in control throughout the transition. From the stage of product selection till the actual check out, a customer's preference must be appreciated.

More Tips to Evaluate Shopping Cart Design

Choosing a design involves a lot of thought. Customers love to shop at a website which is easy to comprehend, systematic and puts all the products within easy reach. Uncluttered design and aesthetic elements add to its allure. A few more tips to keep your shopping cart design are:

  • Don't get too creative with your cart by naming it something exotic. Keep it simple as 'Shopping Cart.'
  • Having an 'Add to Cart' button is important. For online customers, a 'Buy' button feature can be confusing, especially as it deters him/her to revise a buying decision or remove products to the cart later on. 

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Shopping Cart Design

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This article was published on 2010/04/02